Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Chapter 2 To Steal or Not to Steal

After weeks of fishing and gardening, I came back to my little garden to find I finally had fruit and veg. Yay I had food, no more stealing scraps. Finally I felt like I'd achieved something in life. Sounds silly I know but I was just drifting through life hoping for my next meal but now I was doing something to get my life on track and it felt so good to say "I did this". Nothing was going to stop me from buying a home of my own I was determined now.

I bought myself a little portable fire pit, not only did I have fruit and veg I could now cook the fish I had been catching. It made me laugh to think that when I was a child I hated fish but now it was the most delicious food I had ever tasted. Right now I had the food sorted I had to find a better way of making money, yeah the fish and fruit brought in some money but if I only did this I wouldn't get a house until I was 100 ha!

I was out on my usual seed hunt when I came across this beautiful house, I just wanted to look around so I checked to see if anyone was in and then I went for a nosey. I peeked inside and it was so nice but that wasn't what caught my attention, it was the garden. Right there in the middle of lettuces and grapes were life fruits, I'd herd of these while in the supermarket and knew they sold for a decent amount of money. Now I never steal unless I have to, for instance if I'm really hungry or cold but all I could think was "oh they wont miss a few". I picked a few and immediately felt guilty. I wasn't hungry this was wrong but how on earth was I supposed to get the money I needed if I didn't do things I didn't like. At that moment I herd voices and I just ran, so even if I wanted to I couldn't put the fruit back. "I'm never doing that again" I told myself "one day I'll pay them back if I can I swear"

After my little klepto episode I was wandering round Look Out Park feeling sorry for myself. I was trying to see if I could find some better seeds when a guy walked over "Are you ok you look a little sad" err what... "umm yes I'm fine" "your new here arn't you my name is Lewis-Charles Darwin" Oh I couldn't help myself I just burst out laughing "your joking right" Lewis Charles laughed back "yes I know but you may have noticed the little pirate theme here and I'm the local fisherman, I changed it for the tourist. I like to make people laugh" Oh oh the local fisherman " Umm my names Faye... so your the local fisherman" " It's ok I've seen you in the supermarket selling your fish, don't worry I sell to restaurants. So have you bought a house or are you just visiting?" Oh god I hate lying but I cant say I live in a park. "I err came to find my Father but the house he lived in has other people there and they have no idea about who lived there before but I love it here so I thought I'd stay for a bit, you know in a B and B" I herd him sign, he knew I was lying "Look Faye I know we have only just met but my wife and I have seen your around and its pretty obvious your erm... lets say down on your luck. I'm not trying to interfere I just want you to know that we can help if you want it. I can honestly say I know what your going through" Ah a do gooder gah. "That's really nice of you but I'm fine honestly"

"At least have this and get yourself some food" I looked down and there was some money in his hand "I don't need money thank you" I was started to get a little miffed "I know you want to help but I can handle things myself" "I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you Faye, I went about this the wrong way. You see before I came here I was a drug addict and lived on the streets, Preethi my wife was working at a shelter and helped me get better. I moved here a couple of years ago and we help out in the community, normally it's Preethi who talks to people but when I saw you I couldn't help but come and talk. If you do need anything, clothes, food please just come to the local community centre." I could see he really ment what he said I suppose I couldn't be mad at him for trying to help. "It's ok and thank you I'll keep that in mind" After that he left. 

I had spent so long talking to Lewis-Charles I had barely got any seed collecting done, so I continued in the dark in hopes that my night visions was as good as I thought it was. Suddenly I felt exhausted, this day had been a mine field on my emotions, I felt like I was gonna pass out but I was so far away from my park I needed to find somewhere to sleep and fast but everywhere was too open.

While searching I almost didn't see this big hole in the ground surrounded by rocks, I almost fell in. What on earth is this. Hmm well it looks hidden, I can sleep on a floor for one night, but it looks so creepy. Oh who am I kidding I'd sleep on a bed of hot coals at this moment in time.

As I entered the hole I knew exactly what it was, A crypt, there was urns everywhere with peoples remains, urrg I cant sleep here its just wrong but then as I rounded the next corner... A bed! What on earth is a bed doing in a crypt. Oh I didn't care I flung myself on it and was asleep within seconds. When I woke in the morning I could hear that up top there was loads of people. Ah how embarrassing, as handy as this bed was at the time I hated people finding me sleeping in place I shouldn't. Well I knew where it was and if I ever had an emergency again I knew where to come.

After doing my very best to avoid anyone seeing me leave the crypt I looked round this new area. Oh look a graveyard, now the crypt made sense, however the bed did not. It was so bright and sunny today, I was feeling a little better about the day before. Just then I saw something shinning on the ground. It was a gem, wow maybe there is another reason why this place has a pirate theme. I decided to start looking round the cliffs and on the beaches and yes there was other gems and even some metals. Oh if I keep looking on the beaches and cliffs I could make money from these. Yes today was definitely a better day.

Wow I was making good money on the gems and metals, turns out they were crying out for stuff like this to make jewellery and souvenirs. I also think that the woman knew she could buy them off me cheaper as I didn't know what they were worth but I was getting money I had never seen in my life so I wasn't about to complain. 

One day I was even stopped while I was in the museum by a guy who wanted to buy my fruit and veg directly from me. "Hi My name is Chad Regan and I love how organic your fruit and veg is please let me buy from you. I will give you 10% more than they pay but I'll also save money from what they charge""Sure of course where would you like me to deliver to?" He gave me his address and asked if I could deliver every Monday, things were going so well.

I had come so used to the peace and quiet of the park I was staying, I almost leapt out of my skin when someone said my name. I spun round and stood there was Lewis-Charles and he looked so angry. "Your actually living here, you can't stay here" "Please don't tell anyone I'm staying here please, I'm just trying to get a bit of money together and I'll move on." "You've been staying here all this time that's terrible" I started to beg "Please I promise, I'll be gone soon". Oh no was it over, all the hard work that I put into my garden, was I gonna have to leave Barnacle Bay, what was I going to do? Is my dream really over........


  1. D: Ahh nooo dream don't be over! :D This is reallllllly good! Great job!

  2. stay tuned Chapter 3 will be up in the next couple of days :D

  3. This is a really good story, please keep posting :)

  4. Poor Faye someone found out her secret! It is great story Serena!!! And finding the bed was the best thing for her! Now everything should be easier or not? good luck
    Can't wait for chapter 3 :D

  5. Thank you all. I'm gonna try and get Chapter 3 up for tomorrow :D

  6. Just a quick post. I'm really sorry to everyone who wanted to read my Chapter 3 of the homeless challenge tonight but I've caught my daughters bug and feel very ill. I'm gonna have an early night and I will post it tomorrow.