Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chapter 5 Sometimes You Have No Control

Chapter 5 
After about two hours I started to get really tired, I'd had such a long day but I really didn't want to leave Mia alone with Moe. She spent the entire time laugh and joking about things that I wasn't involved in because I'd only just started working at the hospital. In the end I had to go I was just so tired and I had to be up for work. As I was saying good night to Moe, Mia turned to me and said "See you at work in the morning, they'll be loads of fun stuff for you to learn tomorrow" She said this in such a sickly sweet way but I knew what she really meant, she was gonna make my life hell. On the way home in the taxi I couldn't help feeling like I just wanted to go back to my bench.

Looking at the hospital the next day was nothing like the day before. I was so excited yesterday and now all I felt was dread. What was Mia gonna cook up for me, what awful things was she gonna make me do or do to me. I looked at the jobs I had to do today and I was right, everything on there way the jobs other people didn't want. Fine. I thought I'll do them and I wont complain, in fact I'll make out I'm really enjoying myself. It was another exhausting day but I was determined to look like nothing bothered me. The classes were the best part of work as Moe was teaching and Mia wasn't there. I had been working there for a while and actually enjoying myself when my next bombshell happen. Mia found out about my homeless past. Oh no how on earth had she found out, right then I knew it wouldn't be long before Moe found out. It was over I was never gonna get him now and things had been going so well.

I was right, Mia spread the information about my homelessness all round the hospital. It was a Wednesday and I was going to have to endure peoples whispers and comments for the rest of the week. The worst part was I felt Moe was avoiding me. I lost count of how many times I ran into the toilets to cry. I also couldn't believe how nasty people could be. The only person who would talk to me was Mary. On Friday I left work and had just got in the house when the door bell went. It was Moe. "I'm so sorry Faye it's all my fault" His fault what was he on about "what's your fault?" "That everyone knows" OK now I was confused "I always knew about your past, when we hire people a background check is done and I thought I was being nice telling Mia so she would ease up on you but I just made things worse" He'd always known, I felt so angry. "Why didn't you say anything to me? I feel like such an idiot. Was that why you hired me, did you feel sorry for me?" "What? no. I hired you because I thought you were right for the job. There are loads of people in the hospital profession that have had some kind of past, it makes them more compassionate towards others, I think." "oh. But why tell Mia she is such a Bit.." He cut me off "She's not that bad... well at least I thought she wasn't that bad but she's always had a thing for me and I've never felt the same way so when you came along she just got nasty" "Why would she get nasty with me though? It's not like we've ever done anything together" "Ah that would be because she knows I like you." YES!!! He likes me. I felt so giddy. "I told Mary to send you with that file so I could ask you out but I was just so nervous and then Mia showed up and then after that I didn't know how to ask you"

Just then I don't know what came over me, I just kissed him, it wasn't even a little kiss it was a full on kiss. I think I shocked him but then I felt him relax and he kissed me back. That night we sat and talked about everything and anything. He told me why he had decided to become a doctor, his mum had died of cancer when he was really young and his dad had suffered two heart attacks when he was in medical school. I told him everything about my mum and Lou. He listen to everything and just held me. It was so nice to be so close to someone. It had been nice to confide in Lewis but with Moe I felt really safe in his arms. The next few months was perfect I had the most wonderful boyfriend, work was going well and I came top of my class and the hospital decided to pay for full on training so I could be a medical intern. Mia was furious I couldn't help feeling sorry for her, she really wanted to be with someone who didn't want her and I had him, plus she couldn't boss me around any more.

After being together for 6 months we decided to move in together. We chose to move into my house because I'd put so much work into it. I even got him to sort out his hair, it would drive me mad when it would fall in to eyes and he was forever messing with it. I liked his shorter do a lot more as I loved to see his eyes. Life couldn't have been more perfect, I was so in love. Everyday Moe would do something to make me feel special. He was always bringing me flowers and writing me little poems, they were so cheesy but I loved them and would find them hidden in places like my underwear draw or on post-it notes stuck to the shower or the fridge. Lewis had even started talking to me again and was actually happy that I'd found Moe although he would never come to the house. I think he was still upset but didn't want me to know and meeting Moe might have really upset him. Just as I thought things couldn't get any better...

Moe asked me to marry him. I was so shocked but I knew my answer. I loved him so much of course I wanted to marry him. He put the ring on my hand, oh it was so beautiful, a diamond surrounded by pink sapphires. I jumped into his arms and whispered yes. "The day you walked into my office I knew you were the one, you have made me the happiest man alive. I love you Faye." "I love you too" and I kissed him. "The ring belonged to my mother, my dad gave it me when I told him I wanted to marry you" "Moe it's beautiful and it's good to know that your dad likes me enough to allow me to have it" I laughed."Likes you, he thinks you wonderful, he tells me all the time he can't believe your with me" he laughed back.

The next few weeks was all about planning the wedding. I had no idea what to do you I was reading magazines all the time. I couldn't believe how much the average wedding cost $20,000 Oh. My. God. We decided as I had no family and he had very little that it was just going to be a small wedding so there was no way we were gonna spend that much. We would sit playing chess chatting about all the strange stories in the magazines I'd read "Don't worry I wont turn into bridezilla on you" "I just want it to be perfect and to be perfect all I need is you at the alter on our wedding day, I don't even care if your wearing a bin bag" he laughed "oh good then because I've seen the perfect bin bag in the market the other day" I joked back. "Ah ha check, beat that" OK I will "Check mate!" He could never beat me "damn thought I had you that time".

It was about a week before my wedding when I came home to find my mother in my house. She had broken in and was searching my house, obviously for money. "What are you doing here get out of my house" "is that anyway to speak to your mother" she slurred "you smell like a brewery and I can speak to you how I want, you don't know the meaning of the word mother" I spat at her. Just then she came into hug me "Faye, don't say things like that your my baby I love you" "How dare you say things like that, you don't love me you only love yourself, if you loved me you would have treated me better" "Oh come on Faye don't be so dramatic" "WHAT? dramatic? I'm being dramatic over the fact that you never cared for me one day in your life and you let Lou beat me every chance he got. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" 

Just then I slapped her across the face. I don't know what came over me, I couldn't believe I'd done it but I wasn't going to let her see that I was just as shocked as she was. "I should have had an abortion you nasty little..." "Get out of my house now!" I said as calmly as I could. She left and I sat on the couch shaking until Moe got home. I told him all about what had happened, he was so angry that she had dared to come here but sounded impressed when I told him about slapping her. "I know how bad your family is but you have me now and we are going to have the best life ever from now on. I promise you that we'll have the biggest family if you want and our kids will have the best mum in the world" He always knew what to say to make me feel better.

The next day I felt awful. I don't know if it was what had happened the day before or I genuinely was ill. I was just about to get ready to go to worked when I ran into the bathroom and threw up. I had to phone in sick. In all the time I had worked I hadn't phoned in sick I felt terrible letting them down. "Stop worrying about it sweetheart, you just rest and get better" Moe kissed me on the cheek and tucked my in bed. He sat stroking my hair until the carpool arrived for him. I knew right then that no matter what happened I would always have Moe to take care of me. 


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  2. Thank you Glitzy. I absolutely love that dress :D and yes hopefully soon there will be a little bundle of joy in her life :D

  3. I love it I can't wait to hear More and I am so happy she gave her mother back what she deserve too good for Faye lol can't wait to see the wedding hopefully before she gets her little baby belly!!!

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