Monday, 4 October 2010

Faye Dunsten (Homeless Challenge) Chapter 1

Meet Faye Dunsten. She is my sim for the homeless sim challenge I decided to tell her story about how she beat poverty. Here she is if you want download her 

Here is her home in Barnacal Bay. She like pretty things so after living homeless in the Big City and sleeping in cardboard boxes a bench surrounded by flowers and trees is paradise.

Chapter One 

Hi my name is Faye Dunsten and I'm 21 years old and I have lived on the street since I was 15. You may be wondering why on earth would anyone want to live on the streets but if you lived with my Mum and step-Father you would agree the streets is the better place to be. My step-Father Lou is a horrible person who will beat on anyone so as you can imagine My Mum and I were easy targets. My Mum Fiona has been a drunk for as long as I can remember and would blame me for ruining her life. She had me when she was 16 and would constantly tell me she was going to be an actress until I happened. For a long time I actually believed her but when I went to a friends house after school and saw how much love there was in that home I knew I didn't deserve being treated like that so I left.

Living rough in the big city is exactly that, rough. I was always cold and slept where ever I could but you could never stay anywhere long as the police would move you on. Trying to get into a shelter was next to impossible and if I ever did manage to get a bed I often ended up giving up for a mother with a small child. It was my choice to leave home those little children and none. 

Six months ago I visited my Mum just to see how she was. I would often just go and check up on her but I could never actually talk to her but this time I plucked up the courage to confront her. I waited for Lou to go to the pub and then broke in. I couldn't help myself I just started screaming at her. When I finally calmed down she just sat there ignoring me. "Fine I said, your pathetic". I left her sat there and went into her room. I wanted my birth certificate. On it was the name of my real Father and his address. He had also been 16. The address must have been his parents. It was at Barnacle Bay a seaside resort my Mother had gone on holidays when she was younger. I didn't know if my Father would want to see me or if he even cared I was a live but I needed to find some answers. I made up my mind and for the next couple of months saved the little money I could get for a coach ticket to Barnacle Bay

I can not describe the feeling when I arrived at Barnacle Bay, it was just absolutely stunning. It had a pirate theme going for the tourists (haha I get it Barnacle Bay) with a Big Ship that had been turned into a Diner and it was so warm, I hadn't felt warm in years. At that moment I didn't care if I found my Dad, all I knew is I felt at home here. The houses here were so beautiful and I imagined myself owning one one day, oh if only. I explored as much as I could to find a save spot to sleep and after heading down a small path came to a perfect spot.

I was a little seating area  just by the sea with a little beach next to it. I waited round for a while to see how busy it got but no one came, it seemed the busy beach I saw earlier was the place to go. It was so pretty with it's flowers, trees and pond but also it looked right out onto the sea. It was so peaceful. Of course I would always be on my guard but I felt like I could stay here for a while. 

I had been looking round the little park so much I hadn't notice it get dark. I had passed a bigger park area earlier that had toilets but they were probably locked up by now. Oh no I need the loo so bad. I ran to the public toilets and was surprised to find them still open, then I noticed on a sign that it was they were open 24hrs, bonus, in the city they locked them at night. I went it and the 1st thing I spotted was a door with SHOWER on it. I just stared at it. A real honest to god shower, I felt like all my Christmas's had come at once. I was so happy I felt like I wanted to cry but I haven't cried since I was little, it was my way of proving to Lou that no matter how much he beat me I would never give him the satisfaction of tears. Ok that just annoyed him more and he'd hit me even worse but its the little victories that counted. 

You'd think that sleeping on a bench would be uncomfortable but if you've slept in a cardboard box and stone floor this is like the lap of luxury. It was so warm here, even the breeze from the sea felt warm and for the first time in my life I slept feeling save and actually dreamed. It was a wonderful dream. I was living in a little house here in Barnacle Bay and I had a Husband and child. Everyone was so happy, no one yelled, hit anyone and no one was ever drunk. The next morning I woke and decided right there I WAS going to get off the streets and I WAS going to have a home. I just had to figure out how.

While exploring the town more imagine my luck when I came across a fishing rod just lying there. Now normally I don't steal things but this maybe a way of me making money. If I catch the fish I can sell them to the supermarket so I grab it and moved on to another spot so if someone came back for it they couldn't see if was me that stole it. I was there for ages but finally...

OMG wow its huge. I was so giddy with excitement and I stayed there all day just fishing but by the end I was staving I hadn't eaten in days and now my stomach was complaining. The park where the toilets were had BBQ grills and picnic baskets maybe someone had left some scraps

Ah ha, excellent, there on one of the tables was a plate of badly burnt hotdogs that someone had just left. I didn't care I was starving and it beat rummaging through trash cans the get left over food you weren't quite sure what it was. I stuffed myself silly, this was amazing I'd never felt so full. I looked around at my surroundings and smiled, it was such a happy place. Families were playing together and couples were walking hand in hand it was so cute. As I was scanning the park I spotted something on the ground.

A seed! when I looked carefully at the floor there was loads of them. Hmm could I plant these seeds in that little park? Maybe, if anyone did visit the park they would just think they grew naturally there. If I grew my own food I wouldn't have to rummage for scrapes and I could sell some to make money. 

I ran back to my little park and planted what I had found. Over the next few week I searched for seeds and fished and after selling a few fish to the supermarket they asked for more. I was making a little money to buy food while my little garden was growing. I even visited the address on my birth certificate but unfortunately a young couple lived there. When I asked them if they knew who used to live there they had no clue as it was empty when they bought it. I was a little sad but compared to how this place made me feel I was so glad I came.


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