Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chapter 4 A New Beginning

Even thought this was a Homeless Challenge and I've completed it I am still going to continue Faye's story as I have enjoyed writing it, also some people have asked me to continue.
For the Challenge purposes here are my points
Lifetime Rewards 53.769 - 53 points - 1 point for every 1000 LTR
3 x friends - 9 - 3 point for every friend/lover etc. 
Skills - 37 - 1 point for every skill learnt
2 x Maxed Skills Gardening and Fishing - 10 - 5 points for each skill maxed 
Total - 109 
Time to complete challenge 7 sims wks and 5 days 

Chapter 4 A New Beginning
I couldn't believe it when I worked it out. I have actually done it, I have raised enough money to buy a house of my own. I don't think I could have done it anywhere else, this place had been perfect and I knew the second I arrived here I felt at home. Oddly I was sad to let my little park go but to have a house I could call my own was amazing. That morning Lewis had taken me to City Hall to sort out my ID thankfully I had my birth certificate or it would have taken ages to sort out and he used his address so I wouldn't have to explain where I had been living. I had already seen the perfect house months ago and it was still empty because it was so small but for my it was fantastic. As I already had the money and didn't need a loan the estate agent couldn't wait to get the ball rolling. I was a able to move in when ever I wanted. It also still had some furniture in it too.

Like I said my house, wow my house, was perfect for me. The view looked out onto the sea just what I liked and there was a lovely little garden next to the house that was perfect for my fruit and veg. Inside there was 1 bedroom and bathroom and a living area attached to the kitchen. OK the decorating was a little dated but I could always get to that later. 

1st thing I did was cook mac and cheese. It was so nice being able to make my own meals on a stove instead of a BBQ pit. Then I grabbed the bag of clothes I had just bought myself. Everything in there was pink, I had to laugh at myself, I always thought I hated the colour pink but I think that was because there was no point in me wearing it. Everything I wore would get dirty on the streets so I keeps to dark colours. Now I could wear the most girliest things and found myself buying all the girly clothes in the shop. I had also bought a brush, this was the most difficult task of all, getting a brush through my hair. I never brushed it there was no point but finally I got all the knots and tangles out and put it up in a clip. I had even bought some make-up and put that on. After adding a few bits of jewellery I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn't recognise myself but I liked what I saw, for once I actually looked human ha! I had also bought myself some new bedroom furniture, one thing I wanted to be was comfortable when I slept and I still have some money left. It was the 1st room I done up in the house and I loved it. 

Next thing on my list was to find a job. I loved selling my fruit and veg and probably still would but I wanted a proper job where I had co-workers but who on earth would hire me. I had no qualification, work experience or references, in fact I'd never had a job. I searched the newspapers and the internet but every job I was no good for. Finally I came across a job at the hospital. They were looking for people who wanted to learn and no experience was necessary, yay, I rang immediately. The woman took my details and told me to come for an interview on Monday.

I was so nervous, they were never gonna hire me I just knew it. I was sat with about 8 other people and to my horror everyone was in their teens. Oh no this was gonna end bad but I sat up straight and acted as if I knew what I was doing. I didn't I just want to crawl into a hole. When I went in for the interview it was a young man by the name of Moe Pesce. He smiled at me and told me to sit down. "So Faye Dunsten, is it?" I nodded "I appear not to have your CV, did they not tell you to bring one?" A what? "I'm sorry this must seem rather silly of me not to know what your on about but this would be the 1st job I've gone for" He looked at me shocked "Oh... well a CV is a curriculum vitae and its a list of your previous jobs so... Anyway if this is your 1st job application, I take it you were a stay at home mum or housewife" "Errm no... I was selling fruit and veg that I grew and some fish and... I'm probably not what your looking for I'm sorry I'll go" I started to get up and leave, I felt completely embarrassed. "Miss Dunsten this job is for people who want to learn, previous experience isn't necessary, do you want to learn?" I turned back round but didn't sit "yes I do but I was looking at all the other applicants and I look a little bit older than them so I just though" "We are a teaching hospital and yes most of are applicants to tend to be teenagers but we do get older applicants" I finally sat back down and went on with the interview. I couldn't tell you what happened after that because I have no idea but somehow later that night the phone rang and I got the job.

I was to start work the next week I couldn't wait. While I was sorting some other things out for my house Lewis came to visit, I hadn't seen him since I moved in, he had been having problems with his wife and was trying to sort things out. He seemed his normal jolly self and kept complimenting me on how well I looked but something felt off about him. Then he spun round and said the most shocking thing on the planet "Faye why don't I take you on a date, I like you a lot and your single how about it" I couldn't speak, he was my best friend I didn't feel that way about him. Finally I chocked out "but your married" "not any more, Preethi was cheating on me and it was over ages ago I just didn't want to admit it, so what do you say" Oh this was bad, very bad. "Lewis I... really... Lewis your my friend my BEST friend I love you to pieces but I don't feel that way about you" I just blurted it out, I wanted to be gentle but I didn't know how.

"Oh that just great thanks Faye" He spat out. "I didn't mean you hurt you Lewis but I had no idea you had feelings for me I'm so sorry" then his face just fell and he looked so sad. "It's not your fault of course you didn't know I just hoped you felt the same way too." At that moment I wished that I did just so I didn't have to see that look on his face. He had been the best thing in my life and had helped me so much but all I saw his s was a friend. He felt more like a big brother, I hated myself right then but there was nothing I could do. "I'm just gonna leave. Err.. just give me a while OK" "We are still friends arn't we" I felt horrible saying it but I couldn't loose him. "of course, yes I just need some time to deal" with that he left. 

Over the next few days I felt terrible, all I wanted to do was ring him but I knew I had to wait for him to ring me. Thankfully the week went fast and it was Monday, I was starting my new job. I was so excited, the carpool picked me up at 8am, I'd been up since 6am making myself look good. The guy in the car worked in the business part of the hospital and he was so boring. I couldn't tell you his name even if I tried to remember. He had this monotone voice that just bore in to my head and kept going on about accounts. Sheesh what was it about accounts that floated his boat so much. Just as I thought I could actually jump out of a moving car to save dying of boredom the hospital came into view. Oh thank god.

 I practically bolted from the car to escape but then I came to the front doors and had to stop to take it in. I worked here I actually had a job, I was so proud of myself at that point, I was a functioning member of society. I had a little giggle to myself and went inside.  Dr Pesce, my boss, met me once I changed into my uniform. He gave me a tour of the hospital and told me what things I would be doing and which classes I had. "Most of it you will learn while you work but something's have to be written down. I know boring but you only have to do a couple of afternoons a week" Oh he was lovely, he was really young for a doctor, he didn't look that much older than me, he was really funny and everyone around him just loved him. I think I had my 1st crush and it was my boss, I felt so silly. The day was so hectic I tried my best to keep up but sometimes I just found things to hard. One of the nurse's Mia Rao took an instant dislike to me and I could hear her saying all kinds of horrible things about me. Just as I thought things couldn't get worse Mia passed me a bag of rubbish that I'm sure she knew was about to... it exploded all over me. I was covered in blood and other bodily fluids, I wanted to be sick and to make matters worse there was Dr Pesce to see me looking so gross. After I had showers it was time to go home. As I was about to leave Mary Soto the Staff Nurse stopped me and told me I'd done well, even when Mia had played that trick on me I handle myself very well. I knew it. Mary was a wonderful lady and I thanked her for her kind words. Then she passed me a file and said Dr Pesce had left it and he would need it and could I drop it off at his house.

I was so nervous about going to his house, I'd had such a horrible day and the last thing I needed was to see him after today's mess. I walked up to his house slowly and willed myself to ring the door bell. "Hello" he said with a bright smile on his face "Mary said you left this file at work and you'd need it so she asked if I could drop it off" "Oh yes thank you, come in" Come in? he was just being friendly, calm down Faye. His house wasn't that much bigger than mine and it looked like he'd not been here long. He offered me a drink and we got talking. We had a lot in common and we chatted about all sorts. "It's rare you come across a girl who likes fishing, I absolutely love fishing but I never get the chance, I'm a bit of a workaholic" I didn't dare tell him the reason I got into fishing was because I was homeless and needed cash. In fact it was the one thing I really didn't want him to know. We had been chatting for a while when the door went

It was Mia. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to scratch her face off. She looked at me in total discussed and then ignore me and started talking to Moe. Urrg it was disgusting watching her throw herself at him. I thought about leaving but there was no way I was leaving her with him. I was determined that she was not going to get him. When it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere Mia's flirting got worse. I was never very good a flirting so I had no idea what I was going to but this meant War. I was going to have him not her.


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